1951, 2011 Chinese Zodiac Rabbit – Metal Rabbit

1951, 2011 Chinese Zodiac Rabbit – Metal Rabbit

1951, 2011 Chinese Zodiac Rabbit – Metal Rabbit – People born inside the year of 1951 (Feb. 06, 1951 – Jan. 26, 1952 ) and 2011 (Feb. 03, 2011 – Jan. 22, 2012 ) and that is Xin Mao Year are members from the Metal Rabbit. For all those born before Feb. 06, 1951 and Feb. 03, 2011, they belong towards the zodiac animal of Metal Tiger.

Personality and Horoscope to the Metal Rabbit

The metal rabbits born in 1951 or 2011 are persons of cheerful and passionate temper. The majority of them could own a very good personal relationship. Contact with these is typically pleasant. They Might be depressed and feel lonely once loose the good interpersonal relationship. So, every metal rabbit hope they‘re winners in human relations. Besides, in personality, they‘re kind, old-fashioned and wouldn‘t like cut-throat competition with others.

In career, the metal rabbits should work silently using the attitude of making an excellent effort and pay less focus on the return. They‘re Not suitable to carry the plans which are large and long-term. Before they plan to alter or quit the work, better endure a time period, think twice and produce a very good planning. Actually, this type of thought can be caused by the massive pressure in work. In the event that they spend a journey by by using the holidays they‘ve, following the relaxation, this type of pressure may disappear soon.

Like the metal rabbits are filled with imagination, hate to become common and enjoy being distinguished, they hope showing their individual character in adore. Regardless of male or female, after they adore someone, they‘ll be hot like fire and pursue him / her blindly without thinking the thought of the other side. Because of the active behavior, they usually could win the guts from the pursued.

Although, the metal rabbits know about the methods to become wealthy well, they ought to be also careful in money. The reason being They‘ll lose a few bucks beyond expectation in daily life. It requires them to be able to avoid involving in speculation, gambling or loan affaires. In finance, they‘re suggested to decrease the costing on unnecessary treats or any other spending.

1975 Chinese Zodiac Rabbit – Wood Rabbit

1975 Chinese Zodiac Rabbit – Wood Rabbit

1975 Chinese Zodiac Rabbit – Wood Rabbit – People born inside the year of 1975 (Feb. 11, 1975 – Jan. 30, 1976 ) and that is Yi Mao Year are members from the Wood Rabbit. For all those born before Feb. 11, 1975, they belong towards the zodiac animal of Wood Tiger.

Personality and Horoscope to the Wood Rabbit

The wood rabbits born in 1975 are smart and filled with schemes. From appearance, they leave a lively and outgoing impression to others but actually they‘re shrewd and deep on your mind. Also, they‘re particular about trifles. You can seldom begin to see the wood rabbits show their opinions publicly. Few individuals could know their real thought and turn to be their bosom friends.

In emotion, the wood rabbits aren‘t stable but tenaciously in adore. So, after they couldn’t obtain the adore coming from the one they pursue, There‘ll be shadows of pains left for a long period with their mind. As they‘re keen on lively parties, they‘re going to feel very lonely once there isn‘t any person at large. Also, they‘ve dramatic swings in mood and therefore are simple to lose temper. At the moment, it’s better so that they could talk more with the partners for consolation. Since the wood rabbits are tend to become selfish, they‘re easy to become unfair in handling things. If they might think more others, the family and career will certainly be far better.

In personal relationship, they ought to especially pay focus on the relations using the colleagues or subordinates. Don’t argue with others till the final extremity.

In finance, the expenses to the wood rabbits are often large and sometimes There‘ll be unexpected large expenditure. Therefore, they have to manage money well if want to save lots of a few bucks. Although sometimes, they live beyond their means, there is usually someone helping them to steer the difficulties. In investment, some low-risk ones could be considered in everyday life.

As to the destiny from the wood rabbits born in 1975, they might achieve an excellent success at an early age, and also the life coming from the middle age towards the old could possibly be smooth. Almost everything could come out as they simply wish throughout their entire life. The male wood rabbits aim high in everyday life and also the female could enjoy both happiness and longevity.

Personality of the Rabbit

Personality of the Rabbit

The rabbit is really a type of docile animals. They‘re silent and lovely with no fighting force. They prefer to lie down silently at a lot of the time which looks lazy and weak. While, once running, they act very swiftly. It‘s the same like the people beneath the sign from the rabbit. When silent, they appear to become very quiet ; when move, they‘re very vigorous and active. Once there will be disagreements, They Might not attack or offend others but doing their affairs peacefully. Not such as the tiger people, There‘ll no big ups and downs to the fate of the folks born inside the year from the rabbit. Their fortune can reach the summit throughout the middle ages and go down smoothly later.


The men beneath the sign from the rabbit are most family-type. They‘re keen on trimming the garden, interior decoration and much other housework. As they‘re usually quiet, the weak, steady and elegant women fit them perfectly. Too extroverted women will certainly be a challenge to live with these harmoniously.

The ladies beneath the sign from the rabbit are often perceptual, considerate and thoughtful. There is a keen sense of color and pay great focus on the emotion and atmosphere. So, they could be good secretaries, dinner hostesses and reception staffs.

The rabbit people born in several periods of each day have different personalities and fortune :

The rabbit people born each morning are quick and strong-minded. They‘re independent and never go using the tide. Once deciding to carry out something, they‘re going to do something immediately without hesitation. Due to this, they‘re usually driven from pillar to publish as lacking of comprehensive consideration beforehand. However, they‘re quick-minded to adjust soon. They‘re studious of the business and revel in their work well. So, salesmen or businessmen rather than civil servants are great occupation to the confident people. Besides, they‘re always dressed towards the nines and dainty about eating.

Not such as the rabbit people born each morning, those born at noon are weak created of excellent human dough. They usually win popular with masses as they‘re having a feeble personality and seldom in order to make enemies. The majority of options are gentlemen that are quite affable, well-spoken and never give offence to others. While, once quick in action, they‘re regarded reckless. So, pay focus on their behaviors is vital.

The rabbit people born throughout the evening are smart and outgoing but additionally do not have definite views of their personal and therefore are of weak characters. These personalities could be shown from their habit of changing jobs frequently. They‘re usually not able to resist the temptation from outside, so are fickle in adore and work. Therefore, they ought to keep in minds that never change easily under any circumstances and stay grounded to reside. Chinese Zodiac Story Rabbit

Chinese Zodiac Story – Rabbit

Speaking from the rabbit like a Chinese zodiac sign, it comes with an interesting folk legend about Rabbit-Ox Race. Once upon a period, the rabbit and also the ox were neighbors and that they got together with one another alright. The ox was diligent and hardworking as the rabbit was smart and capable, so that they all lived a comfortable life.

Someday, the rabbit good at running showed off towards the ox : I am the long-distance running champion inside the animal world and nobody can defeat me ! The ox sought for advice about long-distance running modestly, however the rabbit shook its head proudly and said : the long-distance running champion depends upon the congenital quality and you also cannot learn it. Besides, the long-distance running requires a slim body ; but you‘re stout. I am afraid you can‘t run fast.


The ox was upset but it was eventually unwilling to submit. From then on, the ox began to practice long-distance running and it also finally gained the iron feet because of its perseverance. Once tailed up, it ran such as the wind and never felt exhausted for a couple of days.

In accordance using the rules, the animals coming first could be listed to the Chinese zodiac signs upon the day. The ox and also the rabbit promised to one another that They Might wake up and navigate to the Heavenly Palace together after hearing the very first cockcrow.

Subsequent day, the ox got up after hearing the very first cockcrow however the rabbit had already left. The rabbit ran for a long period and it also found there was no animal, so it fell asleep for a good length of time. The ox fell behind, however it never rested and arrived first in the Heavenly Palace because of its perseverance and iron feet once the rabbit was sleeping.

A burst of rapid footsteps awoke the rabbit ; it opened its eyes and located the tiger running over quickly. The rabbit was anxious and it also ran following the tiger. However, it still fell behind the tiger. Because the tricky rat hid beneath the ox horn, the rabbit only got your fourth position following the rat, the ox and also the tiger.